ProVac®Vacuum-systems are as flexible as YOU and tailor-made to suit YOUR needs. They offer maximum flexibility, definitely the right solution for YOU, for years to corne. Simply clever! 

The ProVac® FIX or FLEX Vacuumsystems offer you a variety of options with virtually no limits.  Using the ProVac® F L E X VacuumSystem you dispose of one single system to cast parts of multiple sizes and weights. Just insert additional elements to your existing vacuum-tank, from 200 up to 1000 Liter. Saving precious ressources is also good for the climate and your finances by the way.

  • X Options in one single system
  • Complete and extremly flexible Extensible just as you wish
  • Easy to place, wherever you want
  • For tailor-made applications

ProVac® FLEX Vacuumsystem ! That’s it !

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One single system – Various options

  • Industry 4.0
  • Absolutely new and unique : Individual elements easy to add to the existing basic tank-size, extensible from 200 to 1000 litres.
  • Every single component (Control Unit, Pump, Tank) may be placed individually where you wish or where it fits best your needs and space,with pumpsizes  with 40 m3/h, 63 m3/h or even higher capacity.
  • For all valve-types such as metal-closed ProVac®Standard and for ProVac®Ultra EASY valves piloted by the diecasting machine.
  • For DCM from 600 to 44’000 kN
  • High-value equipment with fully programmable logic control and numerous options and monitoring-functions to assure high-quality casts.

VDS – Know How … For YOU !