Chillvents and Inserts


Chillvents are a simple and cheap tool to evacuate air and gases from dies. Very often they are made internally by the toolmaker.

They don’t need maintenance, but once worn out they must be replaced.

Compared to a vacuum-valve their evacuation-capacity is limited, and to assure sufficient evacuation, more than just one chillvent may be necessary.

ProVac® Chillvents by VDS make the difference with significant added value.

They are made of high-quality steel with an ingenious and smart design of the steps. Fitted with integrated liquid cooling connection and vacuum control they last much longer and increase your productivity to a very high degree.

ProVac®Chillvents are available in the same dimensions as the vacuum-valves from VDS and may be integrated into the modular ProVac®Vacuumsystem.

If one day your specific needs require more efficient means than chill-vents, you may use vacuum-valves in place of the chills and fit them into your dies.

No matter how your business evolves, your investment is protected as the ProVac® Vacuumsystem evolves with You!

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