You need to reduce porosity and the scrap rate. VDS SA is your competent Partner.


Flow Porosity

  • Air entrapment due to flow problems
  • Cause surface or internal defects

Gas Porosity

  • Entrapped gases caused by air, lubricants and separating agents
  • Aluminum in the liquid phase has a high solubility of hydrogen, when freezing the dissolved hydrogen creates bubbles

Process Optimizing to reduce Porosity

  • Reduce spraying to the necessary minimum
  • Temperature regulation must be precise along the metal flow line to avoid early freezing
  • Use ring piston system
  • Precise Dosing
  • Reduce the hydrogen content in the melt to a minimum – furnace in-line degassing
  • Lower speed at the gate


  1. Send compiled data sheet to VDS
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  2. Definition volume to be evacuated
    • Calculation Programm by VDS
  3. Calculation evacuation time
    • Calculation Programm by VDS
  4. Definition valve cross section
    • Evacuation Simulation by VDS
  5. Application Solution
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