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Knowledge is power (Sir Francis Bacon) and saves money !
The ProVac® FIX or FLEX Vacuumsystems offer you a variety of options with virtually no limits.  Using the ProVac® F L E X VacuumSystem you dispose of one single system to cast parts of multiple sizes and weights. Just insert additional elements to your existing vacuum-tank, from 200 up to 1000 Liter. Saving precious ressources is also good for the climate and your finances by the way.

Training Modules

Select among following modules or ask a personalized offer for your course

  • New Vacuum System

    How to choose and dimension a vacuum system

  • New Vacuum Project

    How to work concretely on a new project – calculations inc.

  • Mold Integration Valve

    How to integrate, connect and develop a vacuum mold

  • Trouble Shooting

    Optimize your Vacuum Line with TS

  • FMEA Vacuum Application

    Optimize your Vacuum Process by FMEA

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